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EstateGUARD is a temporary, portable, "plug-and-play", wireless,  access control, alarm, and self-notification system specifically designed to help keep home sellers and families with homes in Probate in control of their homes during that short term sales process.


“We used EstateGUARD at my father’s house while we had it listed for sale. The temporary access control system was so easy to use and receiving text notifications when the system was turned on or off by our realtor as well as the ability to control the system from the APP on our phones was a huge convenience.  With no long contract terms and very affordable monthly rates, EstateGUARD was the perfect solution for our situation.  It provided us with the peace of mind we needed and definitely helped us stay in control of the house even when it was unoccupied.”  Kelly R/Columbus, OH

"We were very pleased with the EstateGuard system while selling our home. Knowing we could have short term home security during this period, relieved us of another worry. Use of the app became easy to arm and disarm the alarm . The support system from the company was outstanding. I highly recommend EstateGuard."  Sandy C./Youngstown, OH

"EstateGuard is an amazing service that provides controlled access when a property is most vulnerable.  It is affordable and saved us from a costly break in the first time we used it."   Jeff Byce, Auctioneer/ByceRealty

“We used EstateGUARD in a client’s vacant home and immediately gained control of anyone having random access. We were able to remotely disarm the system to allow access to cleaners and realtors.  Perhaps the best feature was the ability to look into the house at any time.  We even received text messages with photos when anyone tried entering without authorization.”  
G. M. Freed, Attorneys at Law PC, Pittsburgh PA. Area

For more information on our Estate Property Protection with our EstateGUARD and EstateWATCH solutions Contact us with your questions.  

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